US Foods brings eateries out to local farm

24 Oct 2018

About 250 people descended on Riverside Farms in Elk River on Tuesday for an event inspired by the local food movement.

Sponsored by US Foods, it was a chance for some of the company’s customers — primarily restaurants — to bring their staff on a “field trip” to the farm, meet growers who provide them with locally sourced produce, proteins and dairy, taste freshly prepared products and tour Riverside Farms.

Rolando Diaz, the chef and owner of Marna’s Catering in Robbinsdale, said it was exciting to get a behind-the-scenes perspective.

“We buy cases and cases of things and we just put them away in the cooler,” he said. “It’s really nice to see where it all starts.”

Anthony Kingsley, US Foods local and sustainable product lead, described US Foods as a distributor whose role is get food from the field to the restaurant. The event was a way to show that US Foods has local product available, he said. The company defines local as products from within 400 miles or within the state.

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