For Site Selectors

Why Elk River, Minnesota is the Natural Choice:

  • Site options available: More than 15 acres of bare-land site options available and 33 acres of shovel ready land directly adjacent to two Fortune 50 data centers.
  • Accessible location: Elk River is situated just 35 miles northwest of the Twin Cities with immediate access to US Highways 10, 169, and 101, the Northstar Commuter Rail, and MSP International Airport.
  • Educated workforce: Over 30% of residents hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
  • Expedited approval: Having turned around development projects in fewer than 90 days, the City of Elk River offers valuable assistance in expediting construction of your new facility.
  • Reliable electrical power: With an electrical rate of 99.994%, businesses in Elk River can operate at maximum capacity with little risk of service disruption.
  • Cooperative utilities: Not only does Elk River Municipal Utilities offer unmatched electrical reliability but it has a history of designing and constructing substations and distribution systems for data centers – at no cost to owners.
  • Surplus water capacity: Elk River boosts a water system capacity of 10 million gallons per day. At a current peak of 5 million gallons per day, significant water is available to efficiently cool your facility.
  • Existing fiber network: Multiple fiber-optic service providers offer high-bandwidth fiber-optic networking in the City of Elk River, one of which located its hub directly in the city.
  • Climate control: Being in Minnesota, Elk River offers natural climate control. The average temperature for the state is 41.2 degrees, while winters average at around 14 degrees – making for months of free cooling.
  • Financial incentives: Besides local financing incentives, Elk River works with state, federal and private funding organizations to offer you various incentives that work best for you.

Business comes naturally to Elk River. So much so that it’s become one of the fastest growing business communities in Central Minnesota.

Since its incorporation in 1881, transportation has played a significant role in the growth of this business-friendly community. Its location on Highways 10, 169, and 101, along with its close proximity to Highway 94 and MSP International Airport, makes it the ideal address for outward migrating companies from Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud, and beyond.

Besides its convenient location, Elk River offers a wealth of housing opportunities. From new construction to century-old colonials, homes of all styles and price ranges are available, helping to create a thriving and diverse population.

We’re confident you’ll find a community powered for progress and a city powered by nature.