Farm pursues dream for event barn business

22 Oct 2018

Carla and David Mertz plan to embark on making dreams into reality now that they’re reasonably sure Sherburne County will issue them an interim-use permit to operate a rural-event business using a historic barn on their property, the Iron Shoe Farm.

As a working barn currently housing poultry, the structure is far from ready to host guests, but the farmers are excited to start executing their plan. The Mertzes bought the 63-acre farm on 136th Street in Baldwin Township about five years ago and have been thinking about a rural-event business almost since they first arrived.

“Agri-tourism” is a relatively new term on society’s horizon but includes most activities that draw crowds of people to rural venues such as farms and historic barns that host weddings and events. There may also be educational and/or conservational components to the rural business.

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