How Job Fairs Can Help Experienced Workers

22 Jun 2018

Well-run live career fairs can be an important tool for the older job seeker who knows how to use them. Here are eight reasons they can be very productive for older job seekers.

Forced networking. Most people are averse to networking – and may not be very good at it. Job fairs offer an excellent opportunity to meet hiring managers and recruiters at scale to assist with a productive networking plan.

Access to company representatives. Company personnel are open and accessible. You can obtain a business card, maybe a cellphone number, and get a few questions answered.

A chance to practice and refine your elevator pitch. As you work your way through each exhibit, you can practice and refine your introduction, and try out different introductions to see what resonates. The feedback could be invaluable.

The possibility for a coincidental encounter. By attending a career fair in your area, you may meet job seekers and employers whom you may have forgotten that you know. These people might spark an idea that can help move your search forward.

The opportunity to give your resume to a human. With so many online application systems and job boards in use, it can be nice for a real live human to accept your resume. Be sure to get that person’s card for a follow-up electronic copy as well. Then point out one or two relevant features about your background.

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