Updated: Cargill expansion can move ahead

28 May 2018

Council vote will allow agricultural business to grow its research facility by 33,000 square feet

The Elk River City Council approved an amended conditional-use permit for Cargill that will allow for the expansion of the Minneapolis-based agricultural giant’s local research facility and create 25 more jobs in the process.

Cargill asked the city to change the permit in February to accommodate  potential expansion and long-range planning.

“We are pleased with the decision by the Elk River city council to approve potential expansion plans," said Tim Loesch, the director of communications for Cargill Animal Nutrition. "No final decisions have been made on the expansion at this time.  Our Elk River innovation center is an important part of our organization, and we are pleased with our partnership with the City of Elk River.”

In its request to the city for the change, Cargill said the Elk River facility supports the company’s global animal nutrition business. As that business grows, the company’s request reasoned, it needs more research and more space where it can do that research, so it asked the city to change the permit to allow for a larger facility in Elk River.

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