Bus Drivers Needed!

6 Feb 2018

Do you know a lot about moving people between various places – including hotels and sports stadiums, in a safe and secure manner – or are you willing to learn? Can you provide good customer service and assist customers to ensure their comfort and safety? Do you notice when problems arise and can you react to them quickly? 

Being a bus driver is an occupation you may want to consider, and the demand is high. Typically, a bus driver must meet driving qualification requirements, a background check and drug test. 

Bus drivers often have talent in: 

  • Both near and far vision
  • Depth perception
  • Using your arms and/or legs together while sitting, standing, or lying down.
  • Knowing where things are around you.
  • Listening and understanding what people say. 

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What Bus Drivers Earn

Median wages for bus drivers in Minnesota were between $16.50 and $17.00 per hour in 2017, meaning a full-time bus driver would earn just under $35,000 per year. According to the most recent wage data, half of transit bus drivers in the state were earning between $14.25 and $21.39 per hour. Of course, jobs were more plentiful and wages were higher in the Twin Cities metro area, but demand for bus drivers was spread throughout the state. 

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