Minnesota's organic farming industry shows steady growth, USDA survey shows

3 Nov 2017

Minnesota ranks ninth nationally in organic production and sales with double-digit growth that mirrors trends around the country 

Cow milk was the most valuable organic product in Minnesota in 2016, racking up more than $43 million in sales.

That makes the state a major player nationally, according to a new survey of certified organic farms done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The state was also among the leaders in organic corn and soybeans.

But Wisconsin takes the neighborly competition, ranking second for all organic farms in the country behind California.

Minnesota reported 545 certified organic farms — 108 of them dairy — and more than 130,000 acres of organic farmland last year, making it ninth largest in the nation.

Minnesota produced 15 percent of the nation's organic oats, 14 percent of its corn and 11 percent of its soybeans. It also sold about $1.5 million in organic turkeys, ranking second in the nation behind Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin had 1,276 organic farms and about 220,000 acres of organic farmland. Also in the top 10 was Iowa, with 732 farms and 103,000 certified acres.

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