Three Rivers Montessori School Shines with 2022 Beautification Award

Three Rivers Montessori School Shines with 2022 Beautification Award Main Photo

15 Feb 2023


Three Rivers Montessori School in Elk River, Minnesota, has recently won the 2022 Beautification Award from the City of Elk River’s Economic Development Authority. This achievement highlights the extensive beautification efforts made by Three Rivers Montessori in turning a multi-level bank into an elementary school. The Beautification Award is a testament to the school's commitment to providing students with a well-rounded education that includes a focus on the learning environment. Research has shown that conducive learning environments can have a positive impact on students' cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and creativity. These skills are critical for success in the 21st century and will be valuable for students as they progress in their careers and lives.

We spoke to Antonio Kuklok – Executive Director, Three Rivers Montessori.

1. What is the Beautification Award all about?

The Elk River Development committee approached three Rivers Montessori regarding the beautification award. We have made improvements to the exterior and interior of our site and believed that this contributed to the aesthetic of, not only Elk River, but the Highway 10 corridor we sit on. There are not many new buildings around us and we think that the upgrades we have made help us stand out in our area of Elk River.

2. How will the award benefit the school and students?

The award will benefit the school by bringing more attention to our name and hopefully drawing in new families. The Montessori philosophy we teach here allows our students to grow to, hopefully, become engaged citizens who will positively affect the Elk River community.

3. What kind of support from the county and city would be helpful?

Resources for our students are always helpful. We have an environmental focus, so if students can connect how the city uses its resources and look at sustainable options that would be helpful for us.

4. What is your mission at Three Rivers Montessori?

Three Rivers Montessori is a newer school just completing its third year of existence. We believe that through hands-on authentic experiences, our students can become independent problem solvers and innovators. We strive for academic excellence through the delivery of an authentic Montessori program that instills community engagement and environmental stewardship. We don't just believe our children are the workers of tomorrow, we believe they are the creators of our future. 

Beautification Committee - Elk River EDA

The Beautification Committee serves to recognize business owners who have made an effort to clean, repair, improve, and enhance the overall aesthetics of their property to maintain the beauty of their neighborhood. This committee encourages community improvements while enhancing Elk River’s visual image and economic vitality. They meet on a monthly basis from April through October. 

The Beautification Committee consists of five members, three members at large, and two members preferably representing the Sherburne County Master Gardeners Club, and the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce.

Each fall, the Beautification Committee announces the winner of the Beautification Award. Learn more about the award here.