Keeping Elk River Beautiful, Clean and Connected: An Update on Orono Park Improvements

Keeping Elk River Beautiful, Clean and Connected: An Update on Orono Park Improvements Main Photo

14 Oct 2021


The beauty and amenities of the City of Elk River are highlighted by our scenic parks and recreational spots. 

The Orono Park Plan

The Elk River EDA and HRA combine forces to improve these spaces through planning and redevelopment, ensuring that Elk River residents and visitors can enjoy care-free fun at our local parks for years to come. Orono Park is one local park undergoing some exciting new renovations.

Plans for the Orono Park revitalization will expand the beach area, add an accessible splash pad, a skateboard park, a lighted pickleball court and basketball courts. The outdated restroom facilities will be improved and modernized. There will also be trail and parking improvements that will connect Orono Park to the YMCA, Dave Anderson Athletic Complex and the dog park. 

Benefits of Improving Local Parks

Park in Elk RiverLocal parks keep Elk River residents and visitors healthy and happy. Parks with connective trail systems and accessible areas provide users with opportunity to get in more steps throughout the day, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of a motorized commute and keeping Elk River beautiful and clean. 

The main goals of this specific project are to boost the quality of Orono Park and improve overall community connectivity. The trail extensions will make travel more accessible to pedestrians and bikers and limit “unplanned” trails that damage natural areas.

Lake Orono of Orono Park is not only a scenic asset of the City of Elk River, but it is also a precious natural resource. This project included efforts to decrease sedimentation and improve the water quality of Lake Orono-- keeping Elk River “Powered by Nature''. The Lake Orono restoration and enhancement was completed in April 2021. 

The current and past Orono Park updates align with our long-term commitment to sustainability.  

Orono Park Status Update

The skateboard park and splash pad construction at Orono Park began this week, and the removal of the existing parking lot and grading of the new lot is already underway! Things are coming along smoothly. Readers can access a drone video of construction progress via the Elk River City Government Facebook page. The playground and dog park can still be accessed by the south side of the park. Parking is available for playground and dog park visitors along Gary Street.

Construction is underway and soon park goers can once again enjoy the beautiful City of Elk River scenery at Orono Park. Connect with us and learn more about our meticulously maintained city parks here.