The City Beautification Award Encourages Growth Opportunities in 2021

The City Beautification Award Encourages Growth Opportunities in 2021 Main Photo

8 Jun 2021


The City Beautification Award, presented by the City of Elk River, recognizes businesses who go the extra mile to develop an attractive property that increases the city aesthetic. The pandemic has been a trying time for many businesses, which is why efforts like these that encourage growth opportunities are especially important in 2021. 

Every month from May to October, the City of Elk River promotes different businesses who are finalists for The City Beautification Award. The award allows the City of Elk River to publicly recognize and express appreciation to business owners who have made significant efforts to improve their properties. The award also encourages community improvements that make the City of Elk River a prosperous and attractive place to live and work.

The Importance of Property Improvement

Constantly working to improve the aesthetic value of a community results in an enhanced economic vitality. Increased property values, viable businesses, more stable jobs and an improved quality of life are all results of making personal properties more beautiful. Not only do property improvements benefit the individual, but they also benefit the community as a whole. We can enhance our city’s image together!

What are the Requirements for the Beautification Award?

Any efforts to improve or enhance a business will be considered. This could include the improvement of the interior or exterior of a business or the property it is located on. 

How do businesses qualify for the Beautification Award? 

Nominations for the award can be presented to the Beautification Committee from May through October. Nominations can be presented by patrons of businesses, or business owners can self-nominate. Nominations are accepted from May through October, and nominations that meet formerly determined criteria will become finalists. These finalists will all receive some recognition for their hard work making the City of Elk River a better place to thrive! In November, one finalist will be awarded The City Beautification Award! 

It’s not too late to nominate your favorite business! Have you noticed a business owner who has worked extra hard this year at cleaning, repairing or improving a property? Has a business owner you know enhanced their storefront or landscaping in some way? Do you know of a business that visually enhances the surrounding neighborhood and community?

We want to know! Click here to enter your business or nominate another business today.