Governor’s Advisory Council on CAV: The Future of Innovation is Now

28 Apr 2021


Innovator. Engineer. Designer. Project manager. Architect. Code Poet. Creative Problem Solver. These are all terms that describe many of the various roles for skilled workers, inventors and innovators in the field of emerging transportation technology – including the exciting world of connected and automated vehicles. What do these roles look like and who is involved in helping prepare Minnesota’s workforce for an evolution in how we move?

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV Advisory Council) is a 15-member appointed body to help the state plan and prepare for a revolution in connected vehicles, automated vehicles (known as self-driving cars), and other intelligent transportation technologies. Some automated driving technologies are already available and being sold on the market, including in thousands of vehicles in Minnesota. Other technologies in self-driving cars will take decades before they can safely be used in winter climates like Minnesota. The Council launched an Innovation Alliance in 2020 to help the state understand how Minnesota needs to prepare for a technology-driven future, including how to prepare our future workforce for highly-skilled, highly paid jobs in the connected and automated vehicle sector.

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