What’s Next in Tech Education

29 Apr 2021


While technology drives so much in Minnesota’s and the world’s economy, the changes in technology education year-to-year often go unnoticed. This year, however, with the pandemic, changes in the role of technology and the way we use it to teach and learn seem to have accelerated.  Some of these changes may slow down again as the pandemic subsides, but other changes are here to stay and will impact how and what people need to learn to succeed in a technology career.

Let’s take a look at some of the technology trends that have accelerated as part of the pandemic economy. Most of these have been trending for a while, but the rapid shift of work, education, and life online has increased their importance.

First, the “digital” customer experience has become a primary driver of business success. Oftentimes a customer’s first experience with a company or brand is through their website or some online ordering app. In the pandemic, even “mom and pop” restaurants and local retailers learned this the hard way.  What does this mean for the technology workforce? These digital customer experiences are typically created by cross-functional teams of web technologists, programmers, engineers, and product owners working together, using what are called Agile development processes. Learning the technology and non-technical skills needed to thrive on an Agile digital products team will help you to thrive in the new tech workforce.

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