Hans’s Success: Transitioning from Job into Career

7 May 2021


Hans is now on a promising career track as a Junior Web Application Developer at a Twin Cities-based digital marketing company. That’s a big change from the past, when he was working in in a series of low-wage jobs. His transition from unstable jobs into a rewarding career took only eight months, thanks to the training and other support he received.  

In September 2018, Hans was laid off from a global provider of orthopedic devices. He had worked there for 18 months, starting in records and ending in customer service. After doing warehouse and office work for low pay following his layoff, Hans found out he was eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) because he was laid off from a company that had jobs affected by overseas commerce. In July 2020, Hans enrolled in the Dislocated Worker Program through CareerForce partner Minnesota Job Partners. Together with his career counselor, Bill, Hans embarked on a journey to find a career, supported by financial assistance for training and other support provided by the TAA program.

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