Tech Employment’s Footprint in Greater Minnesota

7 May 2021


Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing industries in Minnesota. IT occupations account for 3.8% of total employment in Minnesota, above the national average of 3.4%. This means Information Technology employment is more concentrated in Minnesota than in the nation as a whole.  Tech employment is ingrained across all industries, including health care, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and retail.  

Currently, the state of Minnesota is home to about 110,000 people working in IT. Unfortunately, many believe to have a career in tech and live in Minnesota, you must relocate to the Twin Cities. Sure, the highest concentration of tech companies and jobs are location in the metro. However, there are an increasing number of opportunities in IT in Greater Minnesota.  

The Governor proclaimed April 2021 as Technology Workforce Month in Minnesota to acknowledge the importance of tech employment in the state and the need to develop talent to meet current and future demand. During April, employers, educators, tech professionals and job seekers from across Minnesota engaged in  discussion on tech and how to how to strengthen its workforce. During Tech Month we highlighted statewide as well as metro-area programs and initiatives. Now, we’d like to highlight a few of the many tech programs and initiatives in Greater Minnesota.

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