'We were able to buy a house!' How CareerForce changed Jeff and Sheila's lives

29 Mar 2021


In 2019, Jeff and Sheila were living in a camper with no running water, electric or sewer. They were unemployed and living on $600 a month.

“We both have felonies from more than 20 years ago and believed we could not get a job and because so many places now do a criminal background,” said Sheila, who said the criminal record also impacted where they lived. “We believed we could not live any place other than where we were living.”

Then, Jeff and Sheila made a call to CareerForce in Virginia, Minnesota to find out if there were any options or help for them.

“We were welcomed with so much information and help that changed our lives,” said Sheila. “We were set up to meet with a counselor the same day of the call.”

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