Elk River is an Ideal Location for Remote Workers

Elk River is an Ideal Location for Remote Workers Main Photo

1 Oct 2020


COVID-19 led to a surge in remote work. After working at home for several months, many people have decided it is in their best interest to pursue remote work permanently. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 24 percent of all working Americans worked remotely at least part of the time in 2019. In 2020, 42 percent of the U.S. labor force now works from home full-time due to the pandemic, as reported by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

This monumental shift to remote work comes with benefits for employers and employees alike. Many large corporations have found that allowing employees to work from home may actually be a financially savvy option. Corporations can save money on real estate and property taxes while their employees become more productive and save time without the need to spend hours on the road. 

As remote work becomes a new reality for many, the question at hand is: “Where is the best place to live and work remotely?”

Reasons to Relocate to Elk River as a Remote Worker

Coffee Shops and Restaurants

The affordable local eateries and coffee shops in Elk River give remote workers a place to be productive outside of the house. The downtown area offers a vibrant atmosphere with a variety of shops, restaurants and bakeries to choose from, most of which offer free WiFi to patrons. Remote workers frequent these locations for a change of scenery on any given work day.  



Elk River provides excellent accessibility for remote workers, providing easy commutes for work or leisure. Elk River is only 35 miles outside of Minneapolis, and most housing is a short ride to shopping and dining. MSP International Airport is within 60 miles for air travel in and out of the area.




Remote work often requires long days of sitting indoors. When breaks permit recreational fun, Elk River has the perfect climate and location for an abundance of options. 

When the weather is warm, outdoor concerts are common and children join recreational sports leagues. The city has 41 parks, many beautiful hiking areas and bicycle routes, over 35 miles of paved walkways and rivers and lakes for fishing, swimming and kayaking.  


Healthy Living


Elk River has an abundance of resources for the health conscious. Local grocery stores sell a selection of healthy foods to residents, and restaurants serve entrees that cater to a variety of special dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

Elk River is home to a YMCA, multiple gyms and yoga studios that make maintaining physical fitness easy. Local parks and outdoor spaces provide a place for remote workers to stretch their legs. 

Elk River is a beautiful and practical place to live and work. The welcoming community will make those who work from home full time feel like they belong. Opportunities to socialize, stay active and to support local businesses abound. Internet access throughout the city is reliable and widely available.

To learn more about the benefits of relocating to Elk River as a remote worker, contact us today.