More than child’s play

14 May 2019

Artist’s skill with sidewalk chalk gets noticed and now her work is all over the city

Chalk drawings can be more than just child’s play. Just ask Zimmerman resident and local artist Heidi Sheldon. Armed only with chalk and a chalkboard, she has created elaborate works of art at two local Elk River establishments.

If you’ve eaten dinner at Tipsy Chicken or grabbed a beer at downtown’s Aegir Brewing Company, you’ve probably noticed them. In fact, the one at Aegir is particularly hard to miss. Measuring 4 by 6 feet, the chalk drawing of a Viking ship sailing across a rough and stormy sea is a focal point of the brewery. At Tipsy Chicken, Sheldon’s chalk drawing is smaller and a bit more whimsical. Her most current design features a red tractor and two quirky chickens holding beverages, but she’s done several holiday-themed drawings for the restaurant, too.

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