New York Times sends reporter to State Fair, discovers Minnesota's greatness

18 Oct 2018

Our beloved Minnesota State Fair gets a glowing feature — and they didn't even make fun of us. 

This is no grape salad write-up. No outrage needed this time, Minnesota. Yep, the New York Times published a story last night about another one of our most-treasured institutions — and got it right.

In “A Newbie at the Minnesota State Fair,” a freelancer writer (who just moved here) goes to the Great Minnesota Get-Together and completely gushes.

Writer Allison Duncan attended the first day of the fair, citing it as “the biggest state fair in the United States by daily attendance, and this year it broke the record for the most visitors to ever attend on opening day.” Very true.

She “wandered for seven hours, eating and eating” and taking advice from experts (Minnesotans!): “They urge (or, better yet, compel) you to watch the Llama Costume Contest; to avoid the Kidway, whatever that is; to wear comfortable shoes; to take the SkyGlider chairlift instead of the Skyride because it’s better for photos; and to bring along a trusted guide.”

Some more keen observations from the writer:

— “I was told to dress for a long day of walking in heat and humidity. ‘It’s like the Mall of America,’ a friend said. ‘But sweaty.’ ” (True!)

— “I spent a disproportionate amount of time watching fairgoers zoom down a 170-foot-long rainbow-colored Giant Slide.” (Don’t we all!)

— “The real point of the fair, as I now understand it, is to eat all day long ... One of the best tips I received before going to the fair was to save Sweet Martha’s for last.” (The truest insider tip!)

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