The right infrastructure to grow

5 Mar 2018

Elk River is one of the fastest growing business communities in Central Minnesota. In part, this is due to its auspicious location, but the city has also developed a solid business infrastructure.  

Elk River has convenient transportation options. The city is located on three major highways, is served by two major railroads and has three airports within 60 miles. Commuters can ride light rail all the way to downtown Minneapolis.

The city has consistent, reliable and low-cost power, which makes it especially attractive for manufacturers, data centers and medical device companies. Elk River an innovator when it comes to energy efficiency. It draws from a mix of energy sources, including a city-owned landfill that captures methane from decomposing trash.

Elk River’s leadership prioritizes economic development. It has been expanding its North Star Business Park and has a number of available properties zoned for light industrial purposes.

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