Mainstreams: Landmark has turned a corner

12 Jan 2018

The fruits of Keith and Debbie Johnson’s labors as owners and operators of Landmark Motel and Extended Stay are starting to pile up.

People have certainly noticed the physical transformation that has taken place at the business located along Main Street, in downtown Elk River, across from the original Elk River High School.

The couple triumphantly hosted an open house at the Landmark Motel and Extended Stay on Nov. 25 as part of Small Business Saturday in downtown Elk River. The pair gave tours of the remodeled home at 1153 Main St. and spoke in proud tones about the improvements made at the business, which captured the attention of the Elk River Economic Development Authority that recently handed them a Beautification Award.

Beauty is often only surface deep, however, and the open house was also a chance to explain how the Johnsons’ original vision for mixing business and ministry is beginning to take shape at the revitalized extended-stay motel and hotel property.

The extended-stay motel operation has placed renewed emphasis on getting people down on their luck back on their feet. And the house that glistens at the front of the property doubles as a hotel that looks more like a bed a breakfast and a place for the public to gather — mostly for healing and fellowship.

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