Give Experiences to Job Seekers

22 Jan 2018

Solution to "a little too much"

Holiday shopping for a friend or relative who is unemployed or managing a difficult work situation brings its own challenges. In years past, job search experts have recommended gifts such as job search books, interview accessories and pens; gift certificates for dry cleaning, haircuts, and manicures; or even a note showing your support. Here’s a listicle of dozens of gift ideas.

Today many job seekers of all ages and stages say they have too much of everything and prefer a gift of experience. Try these ideas.

Classes: This can include anything from a workshop to a semester-long college class — or more depending on your financial resources. Ask yourself: Do you want to provide access to a skill or to knowledge? Here are a few classes that are fun and/or easy to give:

  • Writing and journaling classes
  • Supervision basics and leadership
  • Basic welding and plumbing
  • Computer programming
  • Website design

To shop for these classes, check out Minnesota State, as well as online courses. A gift subscription to or other online learning organization lets your recipient choose from a broad selection of online courses. Consider gift certificates that can be redeemed for community education programs, college courses, or courses in traditional northern crafts or writing centers.

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