Celebrating Excellence in Community Enhancement: Edge Bar + Boutique: Elk River's 2023 Beautification Award Winner

Celebrating Excellence in Community Enhancement: Edge Bar + Boutique: Elk River's 2023 Beautification Award Winner Main Photo

20 Dec 2023

Elk River's Economic Development Authority recently announced the recipient of the 2023 Beautification Award: Edge Bar + Boutique. Situated prominently at 609 Main Street in Downtown Elk River, this establishment has crafted a thriving business and significantly contributed to the visual enhancement of the area.

The Genesis of Edge Bar + Boutique

Co-owners, Jennifer Wagner and Nicole Smith embarked on a transformational journey in July 2022. Their vision was to cultivate a space that harmoniously merged modern elegance with a cozy community atmosphere. Opting for local contractors and companies for construction and furnishings, they brought their dream to life, and the store was born. They say, “From day one, it was imperative to us to collaborate and partner with as many local businesses as possible. Elk River’s downtown district is genuinely a one-of-a-kind area with historic significance coupled with modern-day architecture. We wanted to ensure Edge Bar + Boutique would fit in while giving customers a unique and memorable experience. We partnered with Elk River-based contractor Albrecht Builders & Remodelers, who shared a vision of bringing this unique setting to life. Their use of several Elk River-based companies set the tone that Edge would be special in this community.”

A Dual Essence of Elegance and Community Spirit

September 2022 marked the inauguration of Edge Bar + Boutique. Divided into two distinct yet complementary sections, it houses a captivating coffee bar and a chic boutique. The coffee bar isn't just about exquisite brews; it's a hub offering signature drinks, delectable salads, pastries, and a curated selection of wine and beer. On the other hand, the Boutique showcases stylish clothing, accessories, and jewelry for fashion enthusiasts.

Elevating Community Engagement and Local Partnerships

In envisioning further community engagement and growth through Edge Bar + Boutique, owners Jennifer and Nicole express their commitment to supporting local artisans and businesses in Elk River. Actively involved with the Downtown Elk River Business Association (DERBA), the establishment plays a vital role in planning, marketing, and bringing community events to Downtown. Edge Bar + Boutique has also established a meaningful relationship with ERHS DECA, participating in mentoring and collaborative projects. The shop has hosted "pop-up markets," providing a platform for local small businesses to showcase their products and services, further amplifying the sense of community.

Two standout Elk River-based, female-owned businesses, Windy Hill Farm and Skoog & Co Cookies, have become integral to Edge Bar + Boutique's identity. Windy Hill Farm, owned by Amber, contributes outdoor planters and farm-grown fresh-cut flower bouquets and adds a touch of natural elegance to the establishment. Heidi, the owner of Skoog & Co. Cookies, brings her artistic cookie creations to the community space, hosting cookie-decorating classes that showcase her impressive decorating talent and foster a delightful and engaging atmosphere within the community.

Building a Strong Network Base

An exemplary collaboration that significantly boosted community involvement and positively impacted economic development within Elk River is the partnership with interior designers construction2style. Jennifer and Nicole shared their vision with Morgan Molitor and her design team, resulting in a cohesive and inviting space. This collaboration introduced partnerships with local and Minnesota-based businesses, including Mercury Mosaics, whose custom handmade tiles adorn the walls, setting the tone for the entire interior space and brand.

The owners say, “The relationship with Morgan and construction2style didn’t stop once the interior design was completed. We have continued to form countless relationships and partnerships through networking and connections we bring to each other.”

Edge Bar + Boutique stands tall as a business entity and a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and community dedication. Jennifer and Nicole have set a benchmark for businesses aspiring to harmonize commercial success with community enrichment through their faith in aesthetic finesse, commitment to local partnerships, and fostering a space that encapsulates elegance and friendliness.

The Beautification Award

The Beautification and Public Art Committee, an integral part of Elk River's EDA, commends proprietors who are committed to enhancing property aesthetics. This esteemed committee, comprising six dedicated members, diligently assesses properties from April through October, acknowledging businesses striving for neighborhood beautification.

Each fall, the EDA announces the winner of the Beautification Award. Learn more about the award here.