Manufacturing Month in Elk River: Focusing on the Workforce of the Future

Manufacturing Month in Elk River: Focusing on the Workforce of the Future Main Photo

3 Oct 2022


Elk River is home to a host of manufacturing companies that are producing goods using the latest technologies and the raw materials that are plentiful in Minnesota. Kicking off on Manufacturing Day — Friday, October 7 —  and continuing throughout the month, we celebrate companies in the community for their employment opportunities and innovations that grow our economy.

Manufacturing Day Stretches Through October

Launched annually on the first Friday in October with events that continue throughout the month, Manufacturing Day helps show the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation to open their doors to students, parents, teachers, and community leaders. With the theme of “Creators Wanted,” the focus is on building the workforce of the future by educating America’s youth about the incredible career pathways that modern manufacturing offers. Manufacturing creates careers that are full of opportunities for advancement and stability.

Manufacturing in Elk River

Elk River Economic Development is using this opportunity to call attention to the many manufacturing companies we have in our community. These manufacturers are leaders in technology and good workplace practices, produce high-quality products, and consistently innovate to keep in step with and progress in their industries. We are proud that these companies have made their home in Elk River. 

Growth in Manufacturing Sector in Minnesota

Manufacturers in Minnesota account for 13.55% of the total output in the state, employing 11.36% of the workforce. Total output from manufacturing was $52.01 billion in 2019. In addition, there were an average of 310,000 manufacturing employees in Minnesota in 2020, with an average annual compensation of $80,899.60 in 2019.

Manufacturing’s importance in Elk River and throughout Minnesota is due to the sector’s stability and growth. Combined with exports, manufacturers helped to drive Minnesota’s economy, with $18.84 billion in manufactured goods exports in 2020.

The communities of Sherburne County, of which Elk River is the county seat, are well organized for economic development and can work quickly to meet business needs. In Sherburne County in 2021,15.6%, or 4050 jobs were in manufacturing. (Data from Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development).

Reasons Manufacturing Companies Should Locate in Elk River 

Elk River offers several advantages to national and global manufacturing companies. Elk River has long been the natural choice for business. Employers from a variety of different industries, with two Fortune 500 data centers, two medical device technology manufacturers, four energy-related companies, and a high concentration of metal product fabrications already are a part of Elk River’s flourishing business community.

Located close to the Twin Cities and St. Cloud with room to grow, Elk River is investment-ready, with space available for retail, commercial, and industrial expansion.

Businesses in Elk River also benefit from robust transportation access. By road, rail, or air it is convenient to reach the entire United States. 

Sites and buildings are available for manufacturing companies looking to expand. Here, businesses have the room they need to grow, and local economic developers are available to make it easy to find the perfect location. In certain cases, financial incentives can be applied to make the move an even better investment.