SlipStream – Public Art Initiative

26 Mar 2021

Slipstream is a sculpture comprised of bronze, steel, and kiln-formed architectural recycled glass, 10’(H)x 10’(W) x 4’(D), the sculpture will facilitate both communal and individual experiences. It can be “read” from afar, as it will have the form of a leaping fish or a river. Up close, one will see a community of diverse fish swimming along in two slipstreams, encircled with intertwining steel pieces representing highways, as Slipstream is in honor of Charles Merritt Babcock who developed the Minnesota Highway system. It pays homage to the rich history of the city as well as to the Mississippi River whose banks it will enhance.

It will be positioned on the intersection of Main Street and Parrish Avenue of the Granite Shores Plaza. Visible from Highway 10 and lit by solar power at night, the sculpture will welcome travelers along the highway and area residents to pause, to enjoy its beauty, to reflect on the history and natural resources of Elk River, and to explore downtown businesses.

Collaborating with the Great River Regional Library, we will have computers available to provide the story of the project. Art teachers Nicole Hahn and Damien Husen will educate students about the project. The Chamber of Commerce will assist with public event planning. Milligan Studios artists will present onsite workshops involving the community about bronze casting and engage community members in its construction and placement. Milligan Studios will also produce a video of their work which will be available to the public at home or at the library’s computer center. The city has entered into an agreement with Granite Shores about the site, and its management. They will also contribute the cost of the concrete base.

Click here to download flyer.