Construction Snapshot: Diverse Workers Needed for In-demand, Well-paying Employment

13 Dec 2019

Construction has been an engine of job growth in Minnesota since 2011, and that growth is likely to continue, barring an economic downturn. According to DEED’s Employment Outlook data tool, employment in Construction is projected to grow 8.9% by 2026. In August 2019, 144,575 workers were employed in the Construction sector, or slightly under 5% of total non-farm employment. Over the year, Construction has grown faster than any other sector in Minnesota, up 5.5% in August. Construction in Minnesota has also outpaced the U.S. in over-the-year growth throughout 2019.

The Construction workforce tends to be male dominated (87.6 percent male) and younger than most other occupations. In 2018, over 63% of Construction employees were 19-44 years old, compared to 59% in that age range for all occupations in the private sector. In order to successfully fill open positions during the tight labor market that Minnesota is experiencing, Construction needs to diversify its workforce by bringing more women and people of color into the field.

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