Jamestown Inspires Growth and Progress

Jamestown Inspires Growth and Progress Main Photo

13 May 2019

Jamestown and Stutsman County is a community aspiring to excellence. To some, ‘North Dakota’ brings a sense of grassland prairies, endless skyscapes, and (especially in the last decade) a reputation as being the second largest producing state in the United States’ oil industry. This middle northern state is building a reputation of strong forward advancement and Jamestown and Stutsman County is keeping time with this growth. Here, the American Dream is tangible in the convergence of rural life benefits, culture and opportunity. Yes, grasslands and endless skies abound, but here prosperity abounds as well. Jamestown and Stutsman County fosters professional advancement, community growth and quality of life arguably second to none.

The quality of life in Jamestown is real.

Jamestown believes in constant momentum to the growth of quality of life in the community. According to Searle Swedlund, Executive Director of Jamestown Tourism, this growth through bringing value is a major theme in the Jamestown Tourism culture. “Our job, fundamentally, is to think creatively about how we can create better visitor experiences in Jamestown. A lot of the times the things we do for visitors make [Jamestown] just a better community to live in.” Swedlund goes on to support this philosophy by sharing an example. A group, the Jamestown Area Mountain Bikers, presented a goal to grow and improve the area’s trail systems. Jamestown Tourism was able to come alongside this group and provide funding assistance to achieve their goal. Swedlund explained further that although creating value of place is a tourism priority, it lends a dual benefit in community enhancement. Yes, healthy trails are good for tourists but they’re good for the community as well. “That is just one example of something that we’ve been able to do in the last few years. I think [it] really fits the mission of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

In addition to miles of biking trails, Jamestown area offers hiking & horse trails, hunting & fishing opportunities, camping, birding and also the option to view dozens of other wildlife species including a bison herd. With the Jamestown Reservoir and Pipestream Dam to the North plus various other lakes in close proximity, the area supports a strong water sports culture. Jamestown and Stutsman County celebrates its relationship with the outdoors and is proud of what it can provide to those who live and visit the area. Swedlund encourages anyone to visit Jamestown Tourism to learn more.  

There is culture, culture, and then culture in Jamestown.

Jamestown also boasts a strong sense of culture. “The diversity of what we have to offer is really quite striking. We have an incredibly active arts community,” Swedlund shared. “The Arts Center is a hub in our downtown area.” This long standing Jamestown amenity promotes the arts through its exhibition gallery and performance stage. The Hansen Arts Studio, “built to foster creativity“ Swedlund noted, adds a ceramics studio and adult classroom space often used to teach things such as photography and painting. Across the street rests a creative addition to the area’s ongoing downtown development. The Arts Park, an area cleared by a fire in 2005, was reimagined into a green space showcasing beautiful mosaic benches, a pavilion and a stage. “That whole hub has really sparked a sense of future and creativity for our whole community” Swedlund said.  An example of said spark shows itself in the evolution of an adjacent building. Previously abandoned, it was purchased by a company who then established the main level for teaching a variety of music lessons. Students have the option to walk next door and perform on The Arts Park stage.

Swedlund then shifted gears. “To contrast [the arts], if it makes noise and burns gasoline, we are into it. We call ourselves the Motorsports Capital of North Dakota.” This statement is well put and proved true through Jamestown’s weekly stock car races and the very active Jamestown Drag Racing Association. There are also several car, motorcycle, truck and go-cart clubs/groups listed on the Jamestown Tourism website. Swedlund added “in the summertime, we hold an event called ‘Rods and Hogs and Things that Go Vroom!’.’ Learn about the June event here.

Jamestown does life better.

Picking a place to live is sometimes about belonging to the community and growing with it. The opportunities to grow in Jamestown are not just available individually but for families as well. Jamestown and Stutsman County fosters a strong athletics culture and, because of this, youth have access to a variety of athletic opportunities that can cultivate valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

Adding to this emphasis on athletic life, Jamestown recently built the Two Rivers Activity Center (Trac). This community center features multiple indoor gymnasiums or ‘multi-use courts’ (basketball, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, etc.), a walking/jogging track and also a multi-use indoor field turf. Trac also features cardio and weight training floors, group fitness/activity classrooms, preschool learning center and indoor water park. Swedlund described Trac as “a space to enjoy yourself and find reprieve from the elements and you know, really spend quality time with your family.”

Move to Jamestown and grow.

Jamestown is a unique ecosystem with the purpose of bettering the community and those who live there. This forward advancing culture permeates all aspects of life, impacting not only quality of life but professional development as well. Jamestown takes pride in its professional community and values its small businesses. The Jamestown Stutsman Development Corporation (JSDC) provides an abundance of information on incentives available to area entrepreneurs and small business owners. Swedlund noted that Jamestown does indeed provide “the opportunity to stand out and be part of really successful teams.” In Jamestown, this success can be found in athletic, creative and professional circles. “When people return or relocate to Jamestown, they do it because they are looking for a community where they can either be a leader, or a community where the access to amenities isn’t so complicated. The access to space and openness is so easy.“ Join Jamestown. Here, life is straightforward with the space to grow and openness to progress forward.