Tax Increment Financing

The purpose of this policy is to ensure development receiving Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is consistent with the long-term city Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, Mississippi Connections Plan and/or most recent Housing Study. This is a guide for processing and review of TIF applications. The City of Elk River shall utilize TIF to encourage desirable development or redevelopment that would not otherwise occur but for TIF.

The city is empowered to utilize TIF by the Minnesota Tax Increment Financing Act, as amended in Minnesota Statutes 469-174 through 469-1794. The city provides the minimum amount of TIF at the shortest term required for a project to proceed. The city reserves the right to approve or reject projects on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration established policies, project criteria, and demand on city services in relation to the potential benefits from the project. Projects meeting policy criteria are not guaranteed the award of TIF. Approval or denial of a certain project is not a precedent for approval or denial of another project.

The City Council and Economic Development Authority and the Housing and Redevelopment Authority can deviate from this policy for projects that supersede the objectives identified herein.

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